Parsian Building Development Company, a specialized and active company in the building industry, has the following missions:

  • Investing and cooperating with real and legal persons through direct investment or buying and selling of shares, both inside and outside the country.
  • Studying, designing and implementing urban planning and construction projects such as residential, office, commercial, facilities, etc.
  • Receiving or acquiring credit or any other financial assistance through the provision of facilities or civil partnerships with banks and other funding agencies as well as pre-sales buildings under construction.
  • Attracting the capitals of real and legal persons as well as civil participation in creating, constructing, developing and completing the construction and facilities projects and related industries.
  • Consulting, supervising and implementing construction projects as a contracting or contract management.
  • Creating a regular information system on project performance status (project control).
  • Promoting the specialized knowledge and expertise of the staff in the building industry by using new methods and technologies and establishing technical and commercial communication with the world’s leading technology companies for the transfer of related technical knowledge and technologies.
  • Providing and manufacturing all supplies, materials and construction machinery through the establishment of a factory or purchase from inside and outside of the country in order to use or sell them.
  • Providing advice on import, purchasing machinery, construction materials, other required materials and supplies for building.
  • Providing Lands through purchases, leases, acquisitions through related agencies (offices), etc. to construct and implement construction projects.
  • Entering into construction projects through participation in construction following the policy that they provide company, license and project construction.